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Luxury Nile River Cruise

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Swiming Tube

5-Star Nile River Cruise

Superior elegance and first-rate service provide a premium experience of a Nile Cruise in Egypt.

World-Class Dining

Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes prepared by award-winning chefs and served with full board.

Scenic Luxor to Aswan Route

A captivating journey down the Egyptian Nile River passing by numerous historical locations.

Free Exclusive Airport Transportation Service

Reserve online and take advantage of complimentary pickup and drop-off from the airports or train stations in Luxor and Aswan.

Cruise the Nile with Pickup/Drop-Off Service

Starting from
149 $ Per Night Per Person in Double Cabin

Nile River Cruise Route

Map Of Nile River

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Nile River Cruise Features

Cruise Steering

Deluxe Cabin

Deb Icon

Superb Linens and Bedding

Luxurious bedding and exquisite linens will provide you the utmost relaxation on your Nile River Cruise and guarantee a sound sleep.

Bathroom Icon

Private En-suite Bathroom with Premium Toiletries

Opulent toiletries in contemporary bathrooms provide a spa-like feeling.

Air Conditioning Icon

Adjustable Air conditioning

Your cabin will always be at the temperature you want thanks to adjustable climate control systems.

TV Show Icon

Television Entertainment

A variety of movies, music selections, and satellite TV channels are available for your amusement directly in your cabin.

Safe Box Icon

Personal Safe for Your Valuables

An in-room safe can help you travel with peace of mind by keeping your personal belongings safe.

Mini Bar Icon

Mini Fridge

You get access to a mini fridge with a variety of food and drinks inside.



Pool Icon

Deluxe Swimming Pool

Take in the breathtaking view of the Nile while diving into the spacious swimming pool. .

Jacuzzi Icon

Jacuzzi for Relaxation

Recuperate in the calming Jacuzzi, ideal for unwinding following an exciting day of exploration.

Towel Rack Icon

Towel Service Available

Easy access to towels for a hassle-free swimming experience during your Nile River Cruise.

Drink Icon

Poolside Bar Serving Refreshing Drinks

Drink from the poolside bar's selection of refreshing beverages to stay hydrated in the sun.

Tea Time Icon

Buffet for Teatime

Savor our sophisticated teatime buffet, which has a lovely selection of pastries and drinks that are ideal for a peaceful afternoon break.

Lounger Icon

Comfortable Loungers and Daybeds

Comfortably recline on luxurious daybeds and loungers—perfect for reading a book or taking in the sun.



Catering Icon

All-Inclusive Buffet Available Three Times per Day

Savor a variety of delicacies at the all-inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets, which are convenient.

Banquet Icon

Gourmet Dining with a Menu Curated by Top Chefs

Enjoy exquisite dishes incorporating both local and foreign cuisines, expertly prepared by acclaimed chefs.

Harvest Icon

Fresh, Locally Sourced Ingredients

Experience fine meals prepared with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients to guarantee taste and quality.

Bread Icon

Freshly Bakery Available Daily

Every day, taste a variety of freshly made pastries, bread, and other bakery goods.

Panna Cotta Icon

Wonderful Dessert Selections with a Range of Tasty Delights

Taste a variety of delicious sweets, ranging from traditional favorites to creative concoctions.

Dinner Table Icon

Dinners with Themes and Culinary Events

Participate in culinary activities and themed dinners to add some extra excitement.


Lounge Bar

Sunrise Icon

Panoramic Views of the Nile River and Surroundings

The lounge area's expansive views let visitors appreciate the splendor of the Nile River and the passing scenery.

Appetizer Icon

Menu of Appetizers and Desserts

Eat delectable starters and sweets that go well with your beverages.

Cocktail Icon

Signature Cocktails Crafted by Expert Mixologists

Savor distinctive cocktails that are created by talented mixologists to please every palate.

Out Door Cafe Icon

Comfortable Seating Areas for Socializing

Unwind in comfortable seating spaces that are ideal for meeting new people or catching up with old ones.

Wine Icon

Wide Selection of International Wines, Beers, and Spirits

Discover a wide variety of foreign beverages, including elegant wines and traditional spirits.

Dancing Icon

Themed Nights and Special Events

Take part in special events and themed evenings to provide one-of-a-kind experiences each time.



24/7 Support Icon

24-Hour Guest Service for Assistance and Inquiries

Our helpful team is here to help with any inquiries or concerns, and they are available 24/7.

Excursion Icon

Booking Desk for Excursions and Activities

Make easy plans for your travels and events by utilizing our practical booking options.

Calendar Icon

Timetable for Each Day and Details on Ship Events

Utilize the most recent schedules and information to stay updated about everyday activities and events.

Sovenior Icon

Exclusive Shops

Luxurious jewelry, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, and apparel with an Egyptian motif make for an amazing aboard shopping experience.

Bellboy Icon

Concierge Services for Special Requests

Our concierge staff is available to fulfill any unique demands and guarantee a customized experience.

Reception Icon

Multilingual Reception Team

Our multilingual staff of tour guides ensures that visitors from all over the world can communicate easily and feel at ease.

City and Sea Hotel Management


City and Sea Hotel Management

City and Sea Hotel Management, headquartered in Cairo and operating in Luxor, offers the best Nile River Cruises aboard our flagship, the City and Sea Adonis. We provide exceptional service and unforgettable experiences, blending luxury with Egypt's rich heritage. Our expertly guided tours and state-of-the-art accommodations ensure a unique journey through the wonders of Egypt.

Reviews from our Guests

At City and Sea Adonis, our primary commitment is to ensure the utmost satisfaction and happiness of our esteemed guests. We take pride in delivering exceptional service daily, and the glowing testimonials from our clients stand as a testament to the high standards we consistently uphold with our Nile River Cruises. Your delightful experiences and positive feedback inspire us to continue striving for excellence in every aspect of our service.

Yuna Yamada
From Osaka, Japan
Read More
My journey on the City and Sea Adonis was nothing short of magical. The food variety and quality were exceptional, and the staff's friendliness made me feel like royalty. The views from the sundeck as we sailed down the Nile were breathtaking.
Lucas Janssens
From Brussels, Belgium
Read More
City and Sea Adonis Nile Cruise Ship exceeded all expectations. The professionalism of the staff and the high-quality buffet were standout features. The spacious sundeck was our favorite spot to relax.
Schmidt Family
From Suttgart, Germany
Read More
I opted for the Cruise Stay Experience and it was pure luxury. The stunning reception upon arrival set the tone for a fantastic stay. The food at every meal was exquisite, and the sun deck views were a dream.
Emma Dubois
From Namur, Belgium
Read More
The buffet on the City and Sea Adonis during my Cruise Stay Experience was a gastronomic delight. The pick-up service from Luxor airport was incredibly convenient, and the spaciousness of the pool was just perfect for relaxing.
Hannah Müller
From Dortmund, Germany
Read More
Our family's Cruise Stay Experience was fantastic. The reception upon arrival was beautiful, and the convenience of the airport pickup service was much appreciated. The pool and the sun deck were our daily go-tos for fun and relaxation. Big thank you to everyone!
Aiko Tanaka
From Saitama, Japan
Read More
The Cruise Stay Experience was exactly what I needed. The Nile view from my room and the bar lounge was breathtaking. The peacefulness of the sun deck and the quality of the buffet meals were highlights of my stay.
Sarah and Joseph
From Brussels, Belgium
Read More
Our honeymoon on the City and Sea Adonis was the best decision we made. We booked the Cruise Stay Experience, and it surpassed all other Nile cruises we've been on. The attention to detail, especially by Mr. Sheimy, made it unforgettable.
Chul-soon Park
From Busan, South Korea
Read More
The professionalism and warmth of the City and Sea Adonis crew made our cruise memorable. The attention to safety and cleanliness standards was evident, giving us peace of mind throughout our journey. The sunset views from the sundeck were the perfect end to each day
Ji-Hoon Kim
From Daegu, South Korea
Read More
The Luxury Cruise Experience on City and Sea Adonis offered everything I hoped for. The professional tour guides, the stunning Nile views, and the serene moments on the sun deck made my trip unforgettable
Gretha Müller
From Berlin, Germany
Read More
From the moment we boarded in Luxor, the service was impeccable. The reception was stunning, and the panoramic Nile view from our room was a daily delight. The buffet spread was a culinary journey in itself.
Family Yamaguchi
From Saitama, Japan
Read More
Our family cruise on the City and Sea Adonis was extraordinary. The kids loved the spacious pool and the variety of activities available. The excursion to the Valley of the Kings was a highlight for all of us.
Angelina and Günther
From Munich, Germany
Read More
We chose the Complete Egypt Exploration Package and were amazed at every turn. The professionalism of the guides and the beauty of the ancient temples were unmatched. Evenings on the sundeck, watching the Nile, were simply magical.
Sophie Leclerc
From Marseille, France
Read More
The luxury and elegance of the City and Sea Adonis are incomparable. The dining experience, especially the high-quality buffet, was beyond my expectations. Relaxing on the sundeck with the Nile views was my daily ritual.
David and Emily Johnson
From Brighton, England
Read More
This was our first Nile cruise, and the City and Sea Adonis set the bar high. The historical excursions were well-organized, and the convenience of the airport shuttle service was much appreciated.
Luca Bianchi
From Milan, Itally
Read More
The attention to detail on this ship is phenomenal. The reception area is beautifully designed, creating a wonderful first impression. The sun deck was a haven of relaxation, and the pool size was just right for a refreshing swim.
Anja Schmidt
From Vienna, Austria
Read More
The Complete Egypt Exploration Package was a dream come true. Each temple visit was a unique experience, thanks to the knowledgeable guides. The food at the buffet was consistently excellent, offering a wide range of options.
Chen Wei
From Shanghai, China
Read More
The luxurious ambiance of the City and Sea Adonis made my vacation special. The bar lounge's Nile view was stunning, especially in the evenings. The staff's professionalism, especially in the dining area, was commendable.
Carlos and Maria Gonzalez
From Madrid, Spain
Read More
We've been on several Nile cruises, but the City and Sea Adonis tops them all. The entire experience, from the elegant reception to the exquisite dining and the serene sundeck, was outstanding. We will definitely be back.

Common Questions

For business inquiries and collaborations related to our Nile River Cruises, please contact us at
We eagerly anticipate discussing potential opportunities with you.

The City and Sea Adonis cruise ship embarks on an amazing journey from Luxor to Aswan, with multiple stops along the way to explore the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the Nile. Our main boarding point is conveniently situated in Luxor, directly in front of the Arcan Etabe Luxor Hotel on Kornish Al Nile. This docking location is close to the majestic Luxor Temple, serving not only as a scenic starting point for your Nile River Cruise but also ensuring easy accessibility. Following a full voyage of discovery and luxury between Luxor and Aswan, the ship gracefully returns to its home dock in Luxor, completing the extraordinary Nile adventure where it began.

Please note that check-in for your cruise holidays in Egypt is exclusively available on Thursdays at our Luxor harbor location, situated in front of the Aracan Eatabe Luxor Hotel. For precise directions to our Nile River Cruise Ship, please refer to the Google Map link located in the footer of our website. Regarding check-out, guests have the flexibility to disembark either in Luxor on any given Thursday or in Aswan on a Monday. This information is crucial for planning your trip with us.

Absolutely! Guests who book their Nile River Cruise online with City and Sea Adonis enjoy a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service. This includes exclusive private transportation from Luxor Airport or Luxor Central Train Station directly to our cruise ship upon arrival, with the flexibility of choosing either Luxor or Aswan airports or train stations for your departure. Designed to provide you with a hassle-free start and end to your Nile River Cruise adventure, this service ensures a smooth transition to and from our cruise. Please note that this exclusive service is available only for guests who book their stay through our official website.

Absolutely! All passengers enjoy a full-board meal plan, comprising breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indulge in a variety of cuisines throughout your journey.

Yes, Wi-Fi is available throughout the ship, including all rooms and communal spaces, allowing you to stay connected with ease during your cruise.

No, the provision of flight tickets is not included in our services.

Our Nile River Cruise provides two types of accommodations for our guests. You have the option of a Deluxe Single Cabin, perfectly suited for one person, or a Deluxe Double Cabin, designed to comfortably accommodate two individuals. The Deluxe Double Cabins offer a more costeffective option per person per night, being shared accommodations. On the other hand, our Deluxe Single Cabins, though priced higher per person, provide the luxury of complete privacy.

Yes, certainly! You have the option to book excursion trips to various temples and sightseeing spots during your cruise. However, please note that these bookings need to be made on-site. This allows us to check for availability and ensure that guides fluent in your preferred language are available. We strive to accommodate your interests and provide a rich, immersive experience.


Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple

Step into the ancient world at Karnak Temple, an awe-inspiring testament to Egyptian grandeur. This vast complex celebrates the gods with gigantic columns and intricate hieroglyphs, making it a living history book. Did you know Karnak was continuously expanded over 2,000 years by successive pharaohs, making it a unique blend of their visions and styles?

Luxor Temple in Egypt

Luxor Temple

Behold Luxor Temple, a majestic monument to pharaonic might and divine harmony. Illuminated at night, it offers a breathtaking view, showcasing exquisite carvings and grand statues. This temple uniquely venerates both a god (Amun-Ra) and a pharaoh (Ramses II), symbolizing the intertwined nature of religion and royalty in ancient Egypt.

Hatchepsut Temple

Queen Hatshepsut Temple

Marvel at the Queen Hatchepsut Temple, an architectural masterpiece. Built into a cliff face, it breaks the traditional temple mold. This temple honors one of Egypt’s few female pharaohs, Hatchepsut, and stands as a testament to her reign of prosperity and peace.

Valley of Kings

Valley of the Kings

Discover the secrets of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings. This hidden necropolis, home to Tutankhamun’s tomb, is a treasure trove of Egyptian artistry and ingenuity. Each tomb tells a story, adorned with vibrant paintings that guide the king’s soul to the afterlife.

Colossi Of Memnon, Valley Of Kings

Colossi of Memnon

Gaze upon the Colossi of Memnon, two towering statues representing Pharaoh Amenhotep III. These guardians of the Theban Necropolis have stood for millennia, famously ‘singing’ at dawn due to thermal changes—a mystery that intrigued visitors since Roman times.

Sobek Temple

Kom Ombo Temple

Kom Ombo Temple, uniquely dedicated to two gods, Sobek and Horus, is a fascinating blend of symmetry and duality. This riverside temple, with crocodile mummies on display, offers a glimpse into ancient medical practices and the importance of Nile wildlife in Egyptian mythology.

Entrance of The Temple of Horus

Edfu Temple

Explore the Temple of Horus at Edfu, one of the best-preserved ancient temples. Dedicated to the falcon god Horus, it features inscriptions offering insights into language, myth, and religion. Its walls narrate the legendary battle between Horus and Seth, showcasing ancient storytelling.

Unifinished Obelisk

Unfinished Obelisk

Witness the Unfinished Obelisk in Aswan, an ambitious project of Queen Hatchepsut. Had it been completed, it would have been the heaviest obelisk ever cut. This colossal stone piece reveals ancient Egyptian stone-cutting techniques, frozen in time.

Aswan High Dam

Aswan High Dam

Behold the Aswan High Dam, a modern marvel of engineering. This feat of human ingenuity tamed the Nile, generating power and protecting millions from floods. Its construction created Lake Nasser, one of the world’s largest artificial lakes

Aswan in Egypt, Nile View with Sailboats

Felucca Ride

Embark on a traditional Felucca Ride, a serene journey on the Nile’s gentle waters. These graceful sailboats have traversed the Nile for centuries, offering a timeless experience. Feel the breeze and soak in the riverside vistas, just as ancient Egyptians once did.

Abu Simbel, a rock in Nubia

Abu Simbel Temple

Stand in awe at Abu Simbel, Ramses II’s grand tribute to himself and his queen, Nefertari. Carved out of a mountain, these temples were relocated in a historic UNESCO effort to save them from flooding. The temple aligns with the sun twice a year, lighting up the inner sanctum—a sight not to be missed.