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Deluxe Single Cabin

Discover the epitome of luxury on the Nile aboard the “City and Sea Adonis” in our Deluxe Single Cabin. Tailored for solo explorers, this cabin offers a serene, opulent haven with breathtaking views of the Egyptian landscape. Relax in a spacious bed and enjoy the modern comforts of high-speed Wi-Fi and an advanced entertainment system, […]


Prices start at: $960 for 4 nights

Deluxe Double Cabin

Step into a world of elegance and comfort in the Deluxe Double Cabin aboard the “City and Sea Adonis.” Perfect for couples or friends, this cabin is a blend of luxury and intimacy, offering a tranquil escape as you sail from Luxor to Aswan. The cabin boasts a spacious layout with a large, comfortable beds, […]


Prices start at: $1,200 for 4 nights